Reform in Reporting

      August 1, 2008: The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) released the Pozen Advisory Committee Report on Financial Reporting Reform. One of its most important recommendations is recommendation 4.3: "The SEC should encourage private sector initiatives targeted at best practice development of company use of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

      A quarterly evaluation of the Present Value of the Total Human Capital of a company is one such KPI, telegraphing that HUMAN CAPITAL VALUATION and its RISK ASSESSMENT is important.

      In 2011 the Sustainable Accounting Standards Board (SASB) was created.

Human Capital Evaluation Service

DeWolf Research Corporation

Providing Human Capital Valuations to emerging growth oil & gas companies and to other Knowledge Based Industries, in order to supplement their Net Asset Values and perceived market values, with a quantitative monetary value for the people who are critical to emerging growth companies’ superior growth expectations; to do so to assist the corporation, securities analysts and regulators in the reporting process and to introduce to North America in the post 2008 “Irresponsibility Era”, a human capital valuation and reporting process that has been successfully introduced exists in other jurisdictions.


  • Is your company worth more, or less, than its perceived market value?
  • Are analysts and investors right or wrong about your corporate net worth?
  • Are there overlooked asset values that could reveal the Correct Investment Value (CIV) of your company?

  • Your Most Valuable Asset

    Top quality human beings are increasingly recognized as a key competitive advantage for companies and a key indicator of a company’s success. A growing body of evidence indicates that effective HC management directly enhances performance, competitiveness and ultimately, shareholder value. Unfortunately, no one measures this very well. At DeWolf Research we help our clients measure and report on HC management so that they can maximize their investment in their “most valuable asset”.