Reform in Reporting

Board of Advisors

Chairman of Board of Advisors

Allan Schweyer President, Principal, Center for, as well as, a Partner and Principal of the Center for Human Capital Innovation (CHCI), Washington, DC. and former Executive Director of the Human Capital Institute, Washington, D. C.


Paul Gauthier President, Kapta Capital, Montreal

Richard Andrews Private oil, gas and mining investor and former Chairman of Lynden Energy Inc.

Christian Faribault Securities Lawyer, Borden, Ladner, Gervais, Montreal.

Mohan Ghatta President, Mohan Ghatta Inc., New York.

Jeffrey Leggo Product Marketing, Senior Manager, AppDirect, Montreal.

The Human Capital Institute

Washington, DC

The Human Capital Institute (HCI) is a global network of more than 142,000 members in 42 countries committed to shaping the world's new Talent economy. Leaders, executives, and practitioners in HCI's network represent organizations of all sizes across public, charitable and government sectors, and collaborate on the next practices in strategic Talent management. Through communities, education, events and Research, HCI provides actionable, results-driven solutions to help members foster talent advantages to ensure organizational change for competitive results. In tandem with HCI's training, peer-to-peer earning, and public and private research on talent management best practices, the HCI Human Capital Strategist designation sets the bar for expertise in talent strategy, acquisition, development and new economy leadership.